What to Believe when Playing Online Slots

No matter what and how often someone tells you, online slots and land-based slots are really similar.

They both use a random number generator and are both chip based. The main difference is online slots pay more than land-based casinos - by only one percent, but still. Online slots are gaining popularity and will soon replace the land-based casino in terms of entertainment and reward value.

1. Online slots aren't rigged to benefit casinos. Just because it's online and the belief that hackers can get through any channel simply by logging into a computer doesn't mean it happens. Online slots are governed by the strictest of laws by numerous gaming commissions. Online slots providers aren't dumb to cheat their players of their money. If they did, then the online slots industry would be dead by now.

2. It is possible to hit two jackpots on the same online slot machine. Previously mentioned in the first paragraph, online slots use a digital computer microchip. Like land-based casino slots, it generates billions of possible combinations. It's random and not pre-determined. It may be a very long shot, but a player can hit twice on the same online slot.

3. The combinations are entirely randomly generated by a chip's generator. It immediately erases the combinations before hand and pops up a random number. Like land-based casino slots, there are no patterns in online slots. The winning combinations are entirely random.

4. No way can it be said that a player who hits a jackpot right away after another one leaves is perfect timing. This situation is purely coincidental. Like said previously, every combination is randomly generated.

There shouldn’t be any reason not to believe that online slots are not comparable to land-based slots. Online slots are practically the same as land-based slots.


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What to Believe when Playing Online Slots