Danish Casinos

It is not only Las Vegas that is filled with casinos and a numerous variety of casino games. The Northern European country of Denmark has casinos in all parts of the country.
Moreover, casino players can visit national casinos, instead of having to travel abroad, such as to Las Vegas, to play their favourite casino games.

There are six casinos in Denmark in all corners of the country. Casino Copenhagen, being located in the capital of Denmark, is the most popular casino. Casino Marienlyst in Elsinore is located right next to the famous castle of Hamlet. Then there are Casino Odense, Casino Munkebjerg Vejle, Royal Scandinavian Casino and Casino Aalborg. All the casinos offer a large variety of casino games, including a unique "Scandinavian" casino-variety called Viking Poker.

Nevertheless, Danish casino enthusiasts have, similarly to many other players in the world, been exposed to the wonders of online gaming. Since traveling and accommodation sometimes can take too much effort, many Danish players have turned to playing online casino. Players can play their favourite games from their own comfortable homes, and have fun and feel secure all at the same time.


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Danish Casinos