Bingo has always been considered a harmless little pastime, a form of gambling much safer than casino games and one that mostly senior citizens are involved in. While live bingo may indeed fit the above description nicely, online bingo is definitely different material. The multi million dollar per year industry that online bingo has blossomed into in recent years is by no means a senior citizens’ pastime anymore. According to statistics, most online bingo players are female, and believe it or not, they’re between 30-40 years old.

Online bingo is not just a much bigger business than its live counterpart, it is much more popular too. The fact that it’s easily accessible, at the touch of a button basically, and that playing it doesn’t take up a lot of time (like driving or walking to the bingo parlor would) are certainly a few very good reasons that partly explain its popularity. The biggest factor that makes online bingo so irresistible is its social aspect though. People do not just log on to an online bingo hall to play bingo. They go there to chat, socialize, to find friends online while playing. The game selection that online bingo offers is also far superior to any live bingo parlor: they have 90 ball bingo and 75 ball one, they offer a whole bunch of side-games, which can be played via chat. Bingo networks have specially hired CMs (Chat Managers) whose job is to create and maintain the right atmosphere for their players.

To make a long story short: online bingo is way more fun, with much less fuss packed in than live bingo. Add to all that the fact that the possibility of winning some rather fabulous prizes is always there, and you have an excellent explanation as to why online bingo is such a thriving industry. While most wouldn’t believe there is any sort of strategy involved in playing bingo, there are a few things you should check off your list to maximize the odds that you get.

Here are some tips meant to make you a more successful bingo player: Don’t let winning streaks zoom past you leaving your bankroll in the dust. Assess your situation carefully, and quit while you’re ahead. If you happen to hit a losing streak, stop playing. You should always maximize the time you spend playing when on fire, and minimize the time spent hacking away at your bankroll. Bingo bankroll management is also an important part of overall winning strategy: always have money set aside especially for this purpose. Never play on scared money, because the very purpose of online bingo is to deliver fun. Playing scared kills that fun and thus the very reason why you play in the first-place. Play high-paying cards to maximize your rewards. Those would be the over $0.25 ones. Certain games feature higher paid cards than others: stick to those games. Keep your bingo card-count low. Often, you’ll be tempted to buy a whole bunch of cards just because they’re offered to you cheap. Make sure you can always keep track of the cards you have, getting all mixed up and going crazy over what’s what is not what a fun bingo game should be like.

Make sure you play at a trustworthy bingo site. Just like in online poker, there are a few industry giants which dominate the market. These guys are all trustworthy and fair because thousands of people play at them, and if any sort of problem ever surfaced, you’d probably hear of it on the forums and on different review sites. If you’re looking for a more secluded bingo spot, make sure you read reviews and forum posts concerning the site you’re about to choose. There’s nothing more frustrating than to hit a big win and then find out the site had never intended to pay you out anyway. Keep track of the bonus balls. These babies give you additional value like the doubling up of your winnings, but only if they’re in the winning combination. Some bingo sites allow you to draw more cards than others. The more cards you have, the better your chances of winning something, so do stick with the sites whose rules allow you to draw as many cards as you wish.

Make full use of any sort of frequent player or loyalty bonuses that the bingo hall offers.

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