Blackjack Online Versus Land Casinos

If you enjoy playing table games such as blackjack or Rummy, then playing in a land based casino can sometimes be more rewarding than playing online.

If you are playing in an actual casino and are sitting at the table the furthest away from the dealer’s right, then you will the last player to receive your cards and make your bets.
Although the house will typically  use four to six decks in a blackjack shoe which will give the casino a better advantage as a single deck would, it’s still possible to make the odds work in your favour.
If the dealer’s up-card is a four then strategy will be vital at this point and all experienced players will play the percentages at this point.

It is the hands that are valued between 12 and 16 that will dictate how the hand will play out. For players who have 18 or above it would be wise to stand and anyone who has less than 12 will automatically hit.
If you’ve been playing for a few hands, you’ll have hopefully kept an eye on what sort of cards have been appearing. It’s not a question of counting cards, but simply being aware of whether there have been lots of 10-value cards or not.

In the scenario described, those players who are sitting on the values between 12 and 16 will now have a good idea of the likelihood that they will hit a 10. If few 10-value cards have come out recently, the odds are shorter.
Clearly, then, the averages would suggest a player with 13 will bust by taking a card. Regardless of what the dealer ends up with, they have lost their stake.
If a player decides to play the percentages at this point, they will stand and see how the game unfolds.

The dealer whose first card is a four now has an increased chance of going bust. Two picture cards in a row, for instance, means everybody still in play gets paid out.
This kind of strategy rewards nerve, as it can be very tempting to take another card when you have 13 or 14.

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Blackjack Online Versus Land Casinos