Roulette Logic

Go to any casino in the world or even chat to other online gamers and you’ll find that everyone has a system for roulette. From the pseudo-scientific techniques of watching the last 50 spins taking note of the results and aiming to predict what’s going to happen next to a much less though out but still sworn by “I just play my birthday” there are as many different strategies as there are casinos. Some people will swear by playing one of the 50/50 options, red or black or one of the number groupings others will tell you that unless you’re going for a big pay-out by betting on a single number you’re not playing the game right.

So the question on every players mind is surely going to be which system can I trust where does my best chance of winning lie? The answer lies firstly in choosing the right version of the game for you, the European wheel has just the one ‘0’ where the American wheel also offers a ‘00’ meaning obviously the chance of the ball landing on any of the numbers is greater on the European wheel, this chance can be further increased in some online casinos where there exist wheels with no ‘0’ at all. Once this initial decision is made by a player the truth of the matter is that, given a fair wheel and ball thrown by the croupier the chance of any individual result is alas no greater than any other. Statistically there’s no reason that the last 10 spins being black means the next one won’t be black. So perhaps the best advice of all is what feels lucky to you today? Put down your money cross your fingers and maybe this spin will be the one!



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Last Updated 3 November 2013
Roulette Logic